Our Endorsements

Campus climate has been a particularly salient issue at UC Berkeley in recent years. From the contentious 2010 divestment battle in the ASUC Senate to more recent incidents like the outcry over the hanging zombie at Theta Delta Chi last semester, students have been tested. We have been divided. The UC Berkeley campus climate survey, which is being conducted this semester, has prompted reflection on these and many more events.

At The Daily Californian’s ASUC election forum last week, every candidate for ASUC president admitted that there is a campus climate problem at UC Berkeley. But how can we solve it?

This semester, students have the opportunity to elect leaders who can meet this challenge. ASUC officials, as the elected representatives of our student body, must take the lead in fixing the campus climate problem. They are the ones who can bridge the divides among campus communities.

What follows are the endorsements of the Daily Cal’s Senior Editorial Board. Considering individual interviews and our April 5 forum, we have taken stances on ballot measures and recommended candidates who we feel will best serve the UC Berkeley community. The candidates we chose are the ones who have the greatest potential for uniting the student body.

Stephanie Baer
Editor in Chief and President
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Emma Anderson
Managing Editor
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J.D. Morris
Opinion Editor
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Alisha Azevedo
Development Editor
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Jeff Capps
Multimedia Editor
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Anna Carey
Arts & Entertainment Editor
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Seung Lee
Sports Editor
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Jasmine Mausner
Blog Editor
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Curan Mehra
Executive News Editor
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Jennifer Sholar
Design Editor
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Michael Tao
Photo Editor
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Alex Wolinsky
Night Editor
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All photos by Derek Remsburg/Senior Staff